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Our Values

Our founder and many of our staff have over 25 years of experience making a difference in the lives of the people who work with us. At Hire Standards, our values are what make us who we are.  We adhere to these daily so that you can trust that we are working on your behalf.  



To operate with honesty, integrity, & solid moral ethics

at all times.



To make a positive impact on our employees, our clients, and our community.



To value our employees and our customers and treat all people with respect.



To be committed to excellent teamwork to achieve more together.

For your ultimate success, we pair our values with a team of specialized recruiters and staffing coordinators, dedicated to you. This combination creates a win for both our clients and our talent. The Hire Standards staff is highly trained to help you with your employment search.  Our knowledge of the industries we serve and the challenges that they face make us experts in ensuring that our clients receive the finest people for the positions they are looking to fill, and our employees find positions in line with their training, experience and expectations. We create a partnership between our clients and the people that we hire, fulfilling the needs for all involved. 

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