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What We Do

Thank you for choosing to go higher with Hire Standards where a commitment to higher focus and higher service creates a partnership that will bring you success. With offices in the Twin Cities metro and surrounding suburbs, we are committed to providing the best talent available to meet your business needs. Hire Standards specializes in the light industrial and clerical fields with a wide variety of categories.

Hire Standards works closely with our clients to achieve a deeper understanding of their business and assist in building teams that fit the requirements, qualifications, and skillsets that will serve them best. We understand the challenges in today's market to find the right people for your business, and to keep your best employees. We are here to partner with you to create a solution that helps to resolve this issue.  


Why We Do What We Do

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Our focus is to

help you to go higher

Industrial Staffing

The strength of the team is the individual member. 
The strength of the member is the team.

Phil Jackson

At Hire Standards, we know that the team you work with is invaluable to the effectiveness

of your business. Our specialists will take care of the connections for you so you can put your

focus where you need it. 

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by helping you to

build a trusted team, 

Clerical Staffing

Anything is possible when you have the

right people there to support you. 

The people who fill your clerical needs support you in countless ways.  Thier work is important

to the daily workings of your business.  Reliability and efficiency are important to you. We realize

this and strive to find the right people to help you in building your company. 

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allowing you to focus

on what is important. 

Property Staffing

Managing your own property can be a full-time job.

Robert Kiyosaki

You manage properties that offer apartment homes to people.  At Hire Standards, we

understand the importance of where we live. Let us help you cover the details so

you can welcome  people home.  

What matters to you, matters to us. 

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