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Let us answer your 
questions about Hire Standards!

We know you may have questions if you have not worked with us

before. These are some of the most common questions we are asked

by new customers.  If you have a question we haven't answered, please reach out! 

Do you have the experience I need to find skilled employees?

For 25 years, our founder and staff have developed a deep understanding of the needs of the people and the businesses in our community. As a woman owned company, we are trained to tune in to every individual's unique skillset and expertise to help create a partnership between you and the employee that we refer to you.  

Will I always be able to work with the same person at Hire Standards? 

We know that the way to serve you best is through a solid relationship. You will be partnered with an Account Manager and a Customer Care Specialist. Their job is to learn about you and your company so that they can build a trusted relationship with you that will last for years to come.  This allows them to serve you with your unique needs as their priority. 

What positions do you specialize in? 

We are proud to provide talent to you in the Light Industrial, Assembly, Production, Warehouse, Janitorial, Skilled Manufacturing, Customer Service, Clerical, Maintenance and Management professions. 

How do you find the best people to meet my business needs? 

We have found that a layering of methods works best to find a great team of people to work with you.  We reach out to people through social media channels, networking events, word of mouth and referral programs.  We attend community job fairs and host internal hiring events where we are able to directly interact on your behalf with prospective employees.  We work with local organizations who have job programs such as schools, colleges, churches and work force centers who connect us directly with the right people for you. 

How do you determine that an employee is right for me?  

You will meet with your Account Manager to create the position description that you need filled. This will include the specific qualifications you require in the person or people you are looking for.  Our team of Customer Care Specialists will gather a list of qualified people from our database that fit the description of your ideal candidate. Each person will be notified of your opportunity and will be invited to meet with a Customer Care Specialist who will walk them through our interview process designed to find the best candidate(s) for the job.

This process includes:

  • A review of their work experience and skills

  • Background checks

  • An in-depth interview

  • Drug testing when requested

  • Skills and aptitude testing

  • A detailed description of the position you are looking to fill which includes the job requirements, hours and expectations. 

How much do you charge for your services?

Working with Hire Standards gives you a cost-effective solution to your hiring needs. We understand the challenges of employee turnover, affecting both the efficiency and employment costs of your business.  Our goal is to help reduce those costs by finding you the right employee. Our fees are based on the position you are looking to fill, the safety policies and procedures, account volume, lead time and risk management.  A cost proposal will be presented to you as you work with your Account Manager. 

Can I hire employees that you have assigned to me directly to my payroll? 

Yes you can!  The specifics of this process will be included in your arrangement with Hire Standards.  Generally, after a predetermined time frame, you can hire the employee without a fee or obligation to Hire Standards. 

Are you ready to take the next step and inquire further about how to get started with Hire Standards?

We are looking forward to speaking with you!  We welcome your call or email to discuss the next steps. 

Please phone us at (612)822-6672 or submit the email submission form.  One of our Account Managers will be in touch with you as soon as possible! 


Thank you for submitting!

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